Frequently asked questions

What sizes does the masks come in? Can I adjust sizing? How do I determine the best size for me? Do you have the size for children?

Large, Medium, Small and Children [from 3-12 years]. Uhma has an adjustable system so that the mask is always comfortable and well placed.

Does your product contain or come into contact with latex?

Our mask does not contain elements which contain latex. Those who have an allergic reaction to latex are safe to use this product

How can I clean my Uhma? Can I wash my mask?

Uhma can be washed with normal clothes. The 100 washes, was tested under ISO6330:2012 which specifies domestic washing and drying procedures for textile testing. They were tested at 60 degrees Celsius. The procedures are subjected to appropriate combinations of domestic washing and drying procedures. We recommend washing the white masks with white fabrics

Can I customize the masks? Can I choose the size and colour of my mask?

You will be asked to choose from several alternatives, to get the Uhma that you like the most. If you buy the Corp Bundle, personalisation is possible.

Are the ear loops comfortable when worn for extended periods of time?

We have tested many alternatives to arrive at the right solution. The adjustable ear loops are made with soft fabric. The adjuster is made of soft rubber so that you won’t feel them

Can your mask conform to the bridge of my nose to reduce air leakage?

Uhma has a nose wire incorporated for further comfort which also helps to reduce the air leakage and fogging glasses

How does the mask perform in extreme conditions?

Uhma is made with advanced fabrics aiming at durability and comfort. We have arrived at the ideal mixture of polyester and elastane that maximize both purposes

Is Uhma water-resistant?

We are working on treating the outer layer with a proprietary water repellent technology. You’ll hear about this very soon

Is Uhma recyclable?

Yes, fully recyclable after lifecycle ends

If the fabric mechanically destroys (by contact) at the cellular level ... what does the mask do to the skin cells?

The fabric kills bacteria and fungi that may be on the surface of the skin only, does not interfere with cells. Otherwise, the virus would enter the skin as well. In any case, we did the inovapotek allergy test because of the atypical skins and skin sensitivity and did extensive irritability tests, in which Uhma passed with distinction.